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Trimithi Apartments
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Edremit Comfort Homes
Trimithi Apartments
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Type I
Ref : TRI -T1
Date added : 01-01-2005
Location : Kyrenia
Type : Condominium
Area : 109 m
Bedrooms : 3
Pool : Common
Type II
Ref : TRI -T2
Date added : 01-01-2005
Location : Kyrenia
Type : Condominium
Area : 84 m
Bedrooms : 2
Pool : Common
No. Type


House Size
(Square Meters)
Standard Price () Availability
1 Type I First Floor 109 - SOLD
2 Type I Ground Floor 104 - SOLD
3 Type II First Floor 84 - SOLD
4 Type II Ground Floor 84 - SOLD
5 Type II First Floor 84 - SOLD
6 Type II Ground Floor 84 - SOLD
7 Type II First Floor 84 - SOLD
8 Type II Ground Floor 84 - SOLD
9 Type II First Floor 84 - SOLD
10 Type II Ground Floor 84 - SOLD
11 Type II First Floor 84 - SOLD
12 Type II Ground Floor 84 - SOLD
13 Type I First Floor 104 - SOLD
14 Type I Ground Floor 109 - SOLD
* Sold Prices reflect prices agreed with all extras chosen by buyer and are kept confidential.

Land Size : Approx. 2,5 Donums or 3,350 square meters.
Location :
Kyrenia - Karaoglanoglu - Edremit - Karmi
Landmarks : 5 minutes away from Kyrenia, walking distance from all major facilities, beach
Building Project : 14 Condominium type apartments, shared swimming pool with showers

Edremit Village (Trimithi) is situated on the skirts of Five Finger Mountains in North Cyprus. Its heavenly views have inspired all people for centuries.
Mountain view, as well as the close-by seafront makes the area special to all visitors. Karmi Village, preferred by all foreigners on the island, is a few miles up the road. There are plenty of beaches (private and public) about 1 mile from the location. Two of the largest supermarkets in Kyrenia are in walking distance from the plot. Casinos, Clubs, Cinemas, Bars, and all other facilities are less than 3 minute drive away. Kyrenia, the dreamland for all of us, is located 5 minutes away from the plot by car. Please notice the 360 degree pictures taken of the area as well as the aerial view of the plots.

Please note that this area is a well developed tourist area. All the infrastructure (electricity, water, telephone lines, etc.) is already present. As you can see from the above pictures, the area is surrounded by villas. Most of the villas in the area already have swimming pools and all other facilities. Our dream village will be one of the best development sites in North Cyprus.

The Trimithi (Edremit) area is famous for the light breeze all year round, which is one of the factors why the area is not humid.

Facts and Other Info:
Karmi village is well known for its foreign inhabitants. There are mostly British people living in the village for a long time. They have their own bars, like they are used to in Great Britain. Karmi is on the Five Finger Mountains, having one of the best views on the planet! The area is not as humid as the other parts of the island`s coastal regions. Breeze from the mountains brings the scent of the island as well as comfort.
Karaoglanoglu is about 3 miles west of Kyrenia, one of the best cities in the Mediterranean. The beaches in Karaoglanoglu are considered the best in the region. There are supermarkets, restaurants, cafes, bars, and other facilities within the village of Karaoglanoglu. Edremit region is in Karaoglanoglu.

We hope you like olive trees, pines, and other forestry... There are plenty in the area...

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